I came to the United State because I believe in America, the promise of the American Dream . I believe in the words epitomized in the Pledge of Allegiance … “Liberty and Justice for All ” . America has always represented freedom.That is way immigrants have come to america from the beginning , to become citizens , to give up their old nationalities and embrace American culture , to become Simply American . It look me 8  years and a lot of hard work to become a citizen but America Welcomed me and my family . Now I know I most give back , give back to the country that look me in , give back to my friends and neighbors in the Georgia State .It is my turn to give back to America .

My name is SM Abu Zahed. I am an aviation engineer as well as a small business owner. I am running for office in district six. I am a resident of Dekalb county Georgia.I would like to propose an idea to have students work on the weekends and go to school full time and pay no tuition. I have a small business and to often see homeless people who need shelter and employment. I would like to improve taxes and social security I have plans to heighten security on terrorism.I would like to bring together both parties and work together instead of against each other. Thank you for your time and god bless.
SM Abu Zahed
Candidate for GA, 6th Congressional District,